Little Limehouse Pre-school reopening update letter

Dear Parents and families

We hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well, and enjoying the sunshine.

As you know the government has announced that schools will re-open on Monday 1 June 2020. From that date, children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be allowed to attend school, and we are working hard to be able to welcome the children back to the Little Limehouse Pre School.

However, we believe it’s appropriate to re-open once national levels of risk are significantly lower, and when we are confident that we can manage and mitigate those risks. We want to assure you that we will only re-open the pre school, once we have taken all possible steps to secure the safety and well-being of everyone in Little Limehouse Pre School. We are currently implementing much stricter health and safety measures at the pre school.

We are unable to provide specific dates as to when the Pre School will be re-open, but we hope to welcome the children back as soon as we are ready to do so. We will contact you all as soon as we have a date.

With best wishes from,

Little Limehouse Pre School